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Another BAG Another DAY, the follow-up account to the author’s first book, Better WITH a Bag than IN a Bag, is the remarkable story of the author’s journey, in her own words “from the brink of death to recovery through humour and inspiration.”

I loved this book. It is funny, sad, informative, and true to life. I would recommend this to everyone. I think a lot of people go through medical problems with nobody listening to them.

- Diane

Once again, Jo-Ann L. Tremblay has produced a wonderful, inspiring work. Ms. Tremblay has a way of lifting the spirit of anyone who has had the privilege of experiencing her work.

- Sherrill Wark

Another BAG Another DAY, is the sequel to Better WITH a BAG Than IN a Bag. Jo-Ann and Percy, her life sustaining stoma have co-written this funny, hopeful, yet inspirational, and adventurous true life account of their journey as they march to the beat of the recovery drum.

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After a lengthy illness, the author underwent life-saving surgery that resulted in the creation of an ostomy (an artificial opening in an organ of the body, created during an operation such as a colostomy, ileostomy, or gastrostomy) and the stoma she affectionately calls “Percy”.

Another BAG Another Day is far from being a depressing memoir. I thoroughly enjoyed Tremblay’s sense of humour and her “intimite” relationship and witty dialogues with “Percy”; I admire her strength in admitting her fears, and I rejoiced with her in her victory over death.

The book is a must read for anyone who has faced great adversaries in life, be it healthwise or otherwise, including those who are in good health. In the final pages, the reader – especially those afflicted with a serious gastrointestinal disease – will find specific information and advice, well researched and explained in layman’s terms.

This reader is wholeheartedly hoping and wishing that the author’s suffering has finally come to an end. Best of luck to you, Ms. Tremblay, and to “Percy.”

- Rose