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Better WITH a BAG Than IN a BAG is a practical and humorous look at a survivor of colon surgery. This book has been written for ostomates, their caregivers, the medical community, and anyone who is facing the challenges of a lifetime.

Jo Ann Tremblay is a brave, inspirational woman. Not only has she been through the depths of ill health and faced everything with faith and determination, but she also has the courage to take us with her on the journey. This book allows us into her thoughts as she undergoes a colostomy. It's not an easy read because it's not supposed to be. It's intimate, factual and honest.

As we age, as our parents age, we are all going to face various health challenges. Ms Tremblay's was very severe and almost killed her. In the end, her entire life changed. She has to manage a stoma appliance, whom she fondly calls Percy.

Like many people who have had to adjust to an apparatus that allows them life - although one that is transformed and suddenly dependent - Jo Ann is a hero. She adapts with humour, resolve, and love. Her family is uppermost in her mind as she struggles to get better. They love her - and as her husband Mark says, "Better with a bag than in one". She loves them enough not to give up.

I found this book sad, frightening, inspiring and joyful. I highly recommend it to anyone who is facing any kind of health challenge - or to their caregivers and loved ones. And by that I mean, all of us.

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